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Cambridge in home caregivers of Dallas has you covered. Our carefully selected and fully screened caregivers are all W-2 employees (not contractors!) and are certified nursing assistants with extensive training, including advanced training for clients with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and pre-op/post-op care needs. Our staff of competent, well-qualified caregivers is compassionate, kind, and sensitive to our client’s individual needs.

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monica beaty
Monica Beaty
18:50 30 Jan 20
Brian Levy was a godsend to my family in an incredibly difficult time. He provided assistance that went above the call of duty. When the scope of what I needed was beyond what he could provide, he established connections to someone else that could manage that need.His compassion and expertise will certainly be remembered. We are forever grateful!read more
melinda gilliam
Melinda Gilliam
21:19 08 Jan 20
Cambridge Caregivers has been fantastic to work with! Brian is so patient and knowledgeable. The caregivers from Cambridge are extremely professional and know how to handle difficult cases. It is a pleasure to work with more
steve gundy
Steve Gundy
19:45 14 Nov 19
Great company that provided my family the care we needed during a very difficult time.
casey ellis
Casey Ellis
15:27 13 Sep 19
Working with Cambridge has been great. The caregivers are well trained and courteous. The staff is quick to respond to any needs or inquires day or night. Finding in home care can be really stressful but it doesn’t need to be if you work with Cambridge more
gena aduddell
Gena Aduddell
19:14 29 Mar 19
Cambridge Caregivers is a great company. They have been quick to address any concerns we’ve had. They continue to provide excellent more
shane read
Shane Read
16:27 06 Dec 18
I could not be more pleased with Cambridge Caregivers. Brian Levy cared so much about making sure my family’s needs were met. He went over and beyond what I expected. The caregivers are outstanding. We have had two and both were very kind, competent, and caring. Thank you Brian!read more
greta brodsky
Greta Brodsky
01:45 27 Nov 18
I have never had such a wonderful home care experience! I have been practicing medicine for more than 20 years! Stephanie has helped me with so many patients. She has a solution for every problem I have presented to her. She is on my speed dial for all my future home care needs. I try to provide my patients with top notch care during each office visit. Thanks to Cambridge Caregivers I feel that I can extend that quality in the home as more
stacy broff
Stacy Broff
01:03 13 Sep 18
Cambridge Caregivers is a top notch operation. They took care of my elderly aunt at her house for many years. The caregivers quickly became part of our family. We are so appreciative of everything they did for us. Thank you Dean and Brian and the team for all you have done God more
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Many companies utilize contractors, rather than employees, to fill caregiving
assignments. They basically run an add or send a text looking for people in the general
public to act as caregivers, and pay those people an agreed upon hourly fee. Oftentimes,
these people little or no previous experience with the company. The company will either
pay the individual directly, or ask the client to write one check to the caregiving
company and one check directly to the caregiver. At Cambridge, every single one of our
caregivers are full-time, W-2 employees, who often have hundreds if not thousands of
hours of experience with our company. We offer them a full array of health benefits and
we pay 80% their health care premiums. Fully-employed W2 employees are more
committed and loyal to their employers and thus more committed to their clients.

We can schedule our caregivers on extremely short notice – usually same day if needed.

In our humble opinion, our caregivers are among the very best in the industry. Unlike
most other care homes, ALL of our caregivers are certified nurse’s aides (“CNAs”). In
Call: 972-684-5630
addition to the many hours of training that they receive prior to taking their CNA exam,
our staff has hundreds if not thousands of hours of hands-on experience and training in
our homes and are provided with more than one hundred hours of additional training
prepared by our staff physician. We encourage anyone interested in moving into a
Manchester home to meet the staff during a house tour. We pride ourselves on staff
longevity and recognize that our staff is our most important asset. With that in mind,
we pay 80% of staff health benefits and we offer no-interest personal loans. All of our
caregivers are full time W2 employees, CNA certified, trained by our in-house staff
Doctor and director of care, and receive extensive training as well as hands-on
experience working with residents with memory issues.

Call us, and we will move quickly to set up new service with you. Required onboarding
paperwork is available on this website, under the tab entitled “Onboarding documents.”

Each of our caregivers are certified nurse’s assistants (CNA’s), meaning that they have
received comprehensive instruction and passed a State Competency Test. In addition,
we offer our employees up to 100 hours of additional training designed by our staff
physician, and many hours of practical, hands-on experience and training. In addition,
all of our caregivers must pass thorough criminal background checks.

You are NOT committed to engage us for any specific amount of time. The document
you sign simply requires you to pay for any hours of service received

Long term care policies cover non-medical care services, while medicare and general
health insurance policies do not. While Cambridge is happy to assist with any necessary
paperwork, including care notes, we cannot file directly with the insurer. The policy
owner is required to pay Cambridge directly and then file with the insurer for
reimbursement. It’s important to note that many long-term care providers require a
waiting or “elimination” period before coverage kicks in. We are happy to review your
long-term care policy and advise you as to benefits and limitations, or you can call your
insurer directly and ask for an explanation of benefits.

By law, caregivers must be paid overtime if they work more than 40 hours/week. We
strive to limit overtime by engaging several caregivers on an engagement so that
overtime charges are not incurred. However, when a client insists on limiting caregivers
or extending hours such that overtime is necessary, the client is responsible for
additional charges of time and a half for each hour of overtime, as required by federal

Yes, we will spend time with you to understand your situation and to consider the right
caregiver for your engagement.

Once onboarding documents are submitted, our scheduling manager works to customize the
engagement using the information submitted by the client. It’s much like a dating service. We
match care plan, logistics and personalities to the best of our ability with specific caregivers
from our staff. After this process is complete and the schedule is agreed upon, the engagement
can commence.

Each caregiver goes through a national background check, drug screening, thorough interview
with our COO and Scheduling Manager, and their references are checked. Also, each caregiver
must pass an internal written test.

Typically a Community Outreach Liaison will visit with the family via phone, then schedule a
time to meet in person. Under the current circumstances we are using technology such as
Zoom, FaceTime or phone to get to know each other. Our focus is on the safety of our staff and
clients by minimizing contact. Regarding a meeting with a caregiver, we have learned that a
meeting prior to an engagement does not offer meaningful insight for the client; while we have
confidence in all of our staff, we appreciate that sometimes we may have to send out a
different caregiver after the engagement begins. Should there be issues such as the caregiver
wears too much perfume, talks to loud or sits in your favorite antique chair – feel free to
communicate freely. If it’s something you want management to address just let us know. If
there we need to pivot and switch out caregivers, no problem. We have 100+ caregivers, and
we have the right caregiver for you!

There are lots of variables that go into this, but in emergency situations it could be as fast as a few
hours. Typically we like to have at least 24 hours in order to get the family properly set up in the system
and give our scheduling team adequate time to put their matchmaking skills to work.

We have used various tactics and tools to enter a home where the client is unable to answer the door,
including: lockbox, spare key, garage door opener, hidden key, or garage combination.

There will be a notebook with care plan notes, contact information and a pad for caregivers to
take daily notes. These can be helpful for family, medical staff and long term care insurance.

We compensate our staff very generously and we pay 80% of their health premiums. Clients
are by no means obligated to tip our staff. We do allow gifts / tips for holidays, special
occasions or at the end of an engagement.

We typically have a 4/hr. minimum per engagement. However, due to the COVID pandemic, we
have modified our policy in an effort to protect our staff and to protect our clients. During the
pandemic, we will not allow our caregivers to work for more than two clients. This means that
each client must pay for 20 hours per week for services. By limiting the number of
engagements, we limit exposure for our staff and we limit exposure for our clients.

Invoices are generated every two weeks and sent electronically to the correct person on file
who pays the bills. We use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system to charge our client’s
checking account.

By law we are required to pay our staff overtime (1.5x) for any hours accrued over 40 hours per week.
We work with our clients to limit overtime, though we know that clients prefer fewer faces during the

This is up to the client. If the caregivers drives the client’s car, there is not an additional charge.
If the caregiver uses their own car, we charge standard IRS rate of .57/mile

Our sales team will always be responsible to maintain contact with you during the entire
engagement. They are committed to see that you are satisfied at all times. They will work with
our scheduling department as necessary. Our team is available to you 24/7/365 so that you are
never left hanging.

We know our individual staff and we use this knowledge to make good matches between our
staff and our clients. If a match doesn’t work, we will work to make it right. To begin, if the
caregiver is wearing too much perfume, talks to loud or sits in your favorite antiques chair – feel
free to discuss directly. If not, we can have the conversation on your behalf. If we can’t redirect
a staff person for whatever reason, we will simply substitute another one of our caregivers.
Usually we get it right, but we live by the motto that practice makes perfect.

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