Find Compassionate In Home Senior Caregiver Agency in Dallas, TX

Cambridge Caregivers provides medical and non medical in-home senior services for Dallas residents who want to age in place.

Cambridge caregivers is a top-rated home care provider for residents in the Dallas area needing support for their loved ones medical and personal needs. Our home care services are customized for the individual based on their needs and can be available for any length of services from 24-hour, around-the clock care to just a few hours a day.

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Whatever the need, Cambridge has got you covered.

Services Offered

We provide a range of care services for individuals who need caring, sensitive assistance for a family member.
Companionship And Conversation

Companionship and Conversation

Isolation can be unpleasant and distressing for the elderly and others who require care. To assist elders and others who feel disconnected, our caregivers interact with them to help them feel more comfortable and secure while ensuring they don’t become overly tired or stressed during exchanges.

Light Housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

We’ll help your loved one maintain a safe, sanitary environment with light housekeeping tasks. We can make sure their space is organized and clean, from sweeping to decluttering.

Meal Planning

Meal Planning and

Cambridge Caregivers can help with meal planning and preparation in Dallas, TX, to ensure your loved one is healthy and well-nourished.

Personal Care Assistance

Personal Care

Our caregivers help clients maintain hygiene and grooming through personal care. Professionals from our team will assist with toileting, dressing, bathing, showering, and other personal care needs.



If your loved one is experiencing problems getting to their destination or returning home, they may require assistance. Our team can help with anything from pick-up prescriptions to doctor appointments to food—whatever your loved one needs!

Running Basic Errands

Running Basic Errands

Find a home care service that will run your errand for you. We’ll pick up or send packages, go grocery shopping and do more to make life easier with our in-home caregivers.

Medical Support Services

Medical Support Services

We offer medical support services for our home care clients in the Dallas area. Our staff is highly skilled and experienced in providing medical assistance such as doctor’s appointment scheduling, pre-op and post-op care, and blood sugar monitoring. We employ CNAs, RNs, LVNs, and VNs with quality education required licensing, and we also provide 100 hours of hands-on training to their employees.

Better Quality Care With Cambridge Caregivers

We deliver higher-quality care since we consider each of our clients as individuals in Dallas, TX. Cambridge Caregivers provide assistance customized to your loved one’s needs, and we’ll create a comprehensive home care plan that considers both physical and emotional necessities.


Caregiver Services


Assisted Living


Nursing Care


Pre-Op / Post-Op Care


Dementia Care

A bit about the company

We carefully match each of our caregivers to your loved one based on their skills, background, and personality so that they get the assistance they require from someone with the knowledge, nature, and demeanor to make them feel comfortable and keep them safe.

A Privately Owned

We are a privately owned company and are part of the Manchester family of companies, including Manchester Place Care Homes. We are not a franchise.

100% Vaccinated Employees for Better Safety

100% of our employees are fully vaccinated to provide the safest environment for our clients.

W-2 Employees, Not Contractors

All of our caregivers are W-2 employees, not contractors. They all have undergone extensive training to work with clients with pre/post-op needs, Alzheimer’s and other dementias, ALS, and other conditions.

Fully Bonded and Insured Company

Cambridge Caregivers is fully bonded and insured, so you can rest assured that we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of professional services.

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Our care providers are vaccinated, carefully screened, and have extensive training, including advanced training for clients with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, and pre-op/post-op care needs. We have employees, not contractors, providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved one is being cared for by people who are dedicated to their profession.

To learn more about our onboarding process and how we can help your loved one, contact us today for a consultation at 214-684-5630.

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