Cambridge Caregivers is actively hiring compassionate, exceptional, career-minded Caregivers! Applications are accepted in our office Monday – Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Upon approval by management, applicants must pass a criminal screening, drug test, TB test, and complete orientation before being placed in the field.

Available Position: Caregiver

Caregiver applicants should have:

Come into the office to fill out an application in person

12770 Coit Rd, Suite 1020
Dallas Texas 75251
9:00 am – 4:00 pm M-F.

I am grateful and so proud to be a part of the company .- Mame M
It’s a great pleasure to be a part of a great company like Manchester Place & Cambridge Caregivers, with awesome 5* reviews!!!
It’s of great pride and joy to be the best caregiver I possibly can be, to all the clients I get the privilege of assisting !!!
Thank you for all your support and ALL you do for us !!! — CRISTINA M.
  Glad to be here and a part of the team — Chantaneka
  I love working for Manchester. We are all family – Gina W.
Thanks to the owners and management team too, for providing an enabling working environment, to make our job easier  – Emeka N.
What a good feeling to work for a company that takes time to acknowledge the employee’s efforts. It’s very encouraging. Thanks to you both. – Mercy O.
Thanks to you, it’s you who makes it great!? – Fungai T.
 A great company and I am honored to be part of the team – Ruth M.
Thank you as well for giving us opportunity to exercise our gifts and to make difference to our extended families ‘Manchester’ and ‘Cambridge’. Appreciated! – Anne K.
Let’s keep doing our best because it will be a win/win for the company, clients and for us. cheers – Caroline T.
Thank you so much–we appreciate (management) too! – Mariama J.
Thank you for the opportunity to work for you!!! – Fikerte A.
Happy Motivational Friday!!?? I Love this Company – Sharon F.
Thank you, I’m proud to work for you and Dean. You are always understanding and caring. Most of all I’m excited every day we can make a difference and WE ALL WORK AS A TEAM!!! – Flora C.
Proud to be associated with Cambridge and Manchester Living, the recognized establishments.
Thank you All. – Virginia K.
I am proud and blessed for being part of the Manchester/ Cambridge family – Jemmimah O.
It’s all our duty to go out there and represent the name Manchester. Thank you for the opportunity ? – Rodrick M.
Thanks for being there for us!!!!! – Nicholas N.

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