Talking to Your Parents About Their Need for At-Home Care

Adult children of seniors often delay the prospects of having a discussion about long-term care needs. It can be a difficult topic to broach; however, having the discussion
sooner, rather than later, is crucial. Talking to your parents about their need for future at-home care near Dallas is beneficial for everyone. It allows your parents to freely express their preferences and be reassured that you will follow them as closely as possible. You might also find that discussing senior care grants you peace of mind, given that you may not necessarily be responsible for making significant decisions for your parents’ welfare when they are incapacitated.

Invite Discussion

Many adult children find that starting the conversation is the most difficult part about discussing senior care, in part because they worry about their parents’ reactions to proposed solutions. There is a simple way to resolve this issue. It’s generally best for adult children to begin an open-ended conversation, such as by asking parents whether they’ve given any thought to their long-term care needs. For example, you might say that a friend of yours is facing some difficult decisions regarding his or her senior parent’s care and that you want to make sure you’re aware of your parents’ preferences for at-home care.

Consider Safety and Health Issues

It’s not uncommon for parents to brush off their adult children’s concerns about long-term care. If your parents do not appear to be interested in discussing this topic with you,
you might tell them that you’re concerned about their well-being. For example, you might inform your parents that you’ve noticed they’re having trouble reading the label on their prescription bottles or that they’re having difficulty preparing their own meals. Or, if one of your parents has recently suffered a fall or another health scare, you could discuss your fears for recurrent health problems. Gently suggest that at-home senior care could ensure their well-being while easing the concerns of family members.

Explore At-Home Care Options

Invite your parents to research local at-home senior care services with you. Look for providers such as Cambridge Caregivers that offer an array of services that can be personalized to suit your parents’ needs. When your parents realize that a carefully screened caregiver really could improve their quality of life, they may be more receptive to the idea of having an at-home care provider.

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