Looking For Elderly In-Home Private Caregiver Services in Plano, TX?

Caring for the elderly is a task that can leave the entire family unable to dedicate the proper time to their loved one’s needs. Finding a suitable home for senior care in Plano, TX, is a great way to get high-quality care services for your family’s needs. This way, your aging senior can get services without compromising your job and family time. 

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Whatever the need, Cambridge Caregivers has got you covered.

Services Offered

At Cambridge Caregiver, we believe in offering the best senior care in Plano, Tx. We offer premium senior care services to all our members so you can focus on living a full-filling life without feeling inundated with caring for an aging loved one. We have three decades of experience providing exquisite care designed to meet our senior clients’ needs in time. We provide a variety of senior care services, including;

Companionship And Conversation

In-Home Support

For those who would like senior care services to come to them, we offer in-home services for families that cannot do so for various reasons, including trips, vacations, and work.

Meal Planning

Meal Planning

Our team works round the clock to ensure our clients have well-cooked meals that provide a balanced diet. We analyze each client’s dietary needs and provide a meal plan best suited to them. We are also careful not to include any allergens in food if the elderly client is allergic to anything.

Light Housekeeping


They say cleanliness is next to Godliness, which is why our team is always working to provide the elderly with a clean and safe living space. We ensure that all aspects of their care are kept sanitary and that the environment is designed to prevent injury to their aging bodies.

Personal Care Assistance

Personal Care

Personal grooming and other personal activities can be hard for the elderly. Our team is dedicated to assisting with daily tasks like mailing letters, trimming nails, combing hair, and painting nails.



Getting out of the house for fresh air and a change of scenery is important even in old age. We give our clients at least two 30-minute trips each week. They can use these trips to get to hair appointments or even pick someone up from the airport.

Medical Support Services

Medical Support

One of the main concerns of family members is the availability of medical care for their loved ones. Our facility offers medical support 24/7, our private caregivers have the necessary skills to keep the client happy and healthy.

Running Basic Errands

Round-the-clock access to care

Cambridge Caregivers offers 24/7 access to the outside world in case they need something that the staff cannot provide. We never want our clients to feel entrapped, so we make sure our clients have as much access to the outside world as possible.

About Us

Cambridge is part of a group of organizations centered on providing for the needs of the senior community. We offer the highest level of care for the elderly and anyone needing short-term or long-term care within the facility or your home. We aim to provide quality senior care, so you can have the peace of mind to go about your day knowing your loved one is taken care of and wants for nothing.

Elderly In-Home Private Caregiver Services In Plano Tx

Caregiver Services


Assisted Living


Nursing Care


Pre-Op / Post-Op Care


Dementia Care

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In search of private in-home caregiver in Plano TX? Look no further; contact us today for the best elderly care, including Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other age-motivated physical impairments.

At Cambridge Caregivers, we have over three decades of caregiving experience with excellent customer reviews. Call in and find out what we can do for your family.

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