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Jasper was a great choice for us. He made my husband’s arrival home so much safer for both of us!

-Deb R.

My family loves Margaret and it is a huge relief to have someone with mom all the time!! Seriously I can’t explain what the last week has been like and the relief we feel now. We really really appreciate Cambridge!!!!!

– Michelle L.

Mike and I sincerely appreciate your services. Thank you for sending Fred our way. He is such a kind, thoughtful person and certainly must be an asset to your company. I will not hesitate to contact you in the future.

Cambridge caregivers
Sharron O.

I could not be more pleased with Cambridge Caregivers. Brian Levy cared so much about making sure my family’s needs were met. He went over and beyond what I expected. The caregivers are outstanding. We have had two and both were very kind, competent, and caring. Thank you Brian!

Cambridge caregivers
Shane R.

Cambridge Caregivers has been wonderful to work with for several years now. Dean and his staff are professional, quick to respond and very reliable. I have used their services and have referred several families that needed caregivers over the years, Everyone has been very pleased with them. They screen their applicants, handle the payroll, billing and employ the best people with experience who stay with them a long time (low turnover) and they seem to have amazing and kind personalities that are needed when caring for elderly.

Cambridge caregivers
Elena K.

I have never had such a wonderful home care experience! I have been practicing medicine for more than 20 years! Stephanie has helped me with so many patients. She has a solution for every problem I have presented to her. She is on my speed dial for all my future home care needs. I try to provide my patients with top notch care during each office visit. Thanks to Cambridge Caregivers I feel that I can extend that quality in the home as well.

Cambridge caregivers
Dr. B.

The care that Cambridge provided to my sister, post op and very ill in the hospital, was of such comfort to her and me. I had confidence that she was provided with professional evaluation and compassion. The caregivers were respectful and compassionate but encouraged her to improve. Their presence helped her gain the strength and confidence to be able to leave the hospital to rehab, not to a chronic care facility. I was able to continue to work, knowing that excellent care was being provided. I have referred Cambridge to many friends and colleagues and they are 5 stars plus in my book!

Cambridge caregivers
Dr. C.

We have been using Cambridge caregivers for 2 1/2 months in our home for my Dad who moved in with us from another state. He receives 24 hr care support. I have found the Caregivers trained and ready to go. The Cambridge staff does a great job to find solutions to our problems and tries to make the process happen seamlessly. This allows not only for my Dad to get his needs met but really helps me. That can be a difficult balancing act. I definitely would recommend Cambridge Caregivers!

Cambridge caregivers
Debra P.

Cambridge Caregivers are great partners and I’d be lost without them. They treat my mother as if she were their mother. We’ve developed a Care Plan and have frequent checkins. I have peace of mind knowing I can depend on them 24/7.

Cambridge caregivers

I can’t say enough good things about Cambridge…they have been uber professional and communicative, and took a load and stress off my shoulders, which is something I was not expecting. I highly recommend them to anyone out there looking for a special place for their loved ones in aging care.

Cambridge caregivers
Nick B.

Great team and staff

Gary H.

I came, as most others, I’m sure, to the folks at Cambridge distraught, scared, sad and overwhelmed as our loved one was in Dallas, some 3-5 hours away from any one of us at any given time. With all of us being so geographically spread out and far away, the thought of our Sally being alone in the hospital without some daily TLC above basic hospital services was heartbreaking. I must say, those worries were quickly put to rest when I spoke with Dean and arranged the caregiver service given so compassionately by Mercy. I showed up one day totally unexpected to find Mercy gently soothing Sally’s tired and aching body with lavender oil and rose hips lotion that I bought. She was gentle and had a calming demeanor about her, which immediately comforted and warmed my heart at the same time. This situation is a horribly sad one no matter how we look at it, but the care and compassion that the staff of Cambridge showed us and Sally, and are still showing at this time, during her final days on Earth. I will forever remain grateful for their services, and honestly, I cannot say enough kind things about the entire team. They were angels in our lives when we most needed them…

Cambridge caregivers
Kristi F.

I have used Cambridge Caregivers several times in the last year and a half and the experience was exceptional.
The first time I used them my mom, who was living independently until then, had come out of the hospital needing round-the-clock care.
The workers Cambridge sent over were conscientious, professional and lovely. It was a tough, emotional time for me and my 90-year-old mother. My mother has since moved into assisted living and has hired Cambridge to supply workers to be a companion to my mother several hours a day while I was out of town – giving her and me a better sense of security, as we have no relatives in town. Again, the experience was superb. I cannot say enough good things.

Cambridge caregivers
-Ann G.

I want to again compliment your company’s choice in sending Petunia to us. She is helpful, energetic, has a good knowledge of the skills required to take care of Tina, and is thoughtful of Tina’s condition. Yesterday we were having a difficult time arranging transportation for a doctor’s appointment and Petunia thought to ask the nurse for a proscribed (upon need) pain pill for her. Neither Tina nor I had anticipated Tina’s need for pain medication, yet due to the convoluted circumstances of the transportation, Tina needed the extra pain medication. Super Job!

Gerald M.

Stephanie, thank you for the wonderful care you provided. Special thank you for the comfort you gave me during a difficult time. My mom was surrounded by so much love which included your caregivers. Ruth will always be remembered and cherished for her comfort and devotion.

Cambridge caregivers
Judy W